A Word For Life Devotion
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It was that great worshiper David that said; “ In Thy Presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Psalms 16:11 A good Devotional will help you get in the presence of God. This Devotional will enhance your time of devotion, your special time with the Lord away from your local Church. In order to worship God, you must first know God. A Word For Life Devotions will give you the knowledge and the understanding that is needed to really worship God. Each topic is designed to address specific times and places in our lives when it looks like we are far from God, when it looks like God has abandon us. A good devotional will reveal God in your situation and calamity. God is with His children in good and in bad times, but occasional we need a little help hearing from God. These devotions will help you hear from God through His word. Our quiet time with God should be a time of peace no matter the conflicts around us. Each of these devotions will help you see yourself in specific situations, causing you to properly adjust and realign your life. Each of these Devotions ends in prayer, reminding us to take everything to God in prayer, to pray without ceasing. These Devotions will help you get into God’s presence, know God in a powerful way, worship God in spirit and in truth, and help you end your devotion in earnest prayer to God. This Devotional will minister to every season of your life....Order this great Devotional today. $ 17.00 S & H Included...
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